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Sharing Space Together
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What is "Sharing Space Together"?

In 2019, Your Sister City Program is a launching a project that catapults the Next Generation of Peace Ambassadors into a future of peace in space. Our ambitious "Sharing Space Together" Program will bring together 10 students (ages 16-17) from our sister city in Beit Shemesh along with 11 local students to experience  an International Space Camp at Kennedy Space Center during the week of December 23rd - 27th.  We are capitalizing on the unique phenomenon  this year that places Hanukkah school break at the same time as Christmas school break here in Brevard County. 


Why sponsor a student?

Your Sister City Program is dedicated to building a future of peace and understanding between the United States and Israel. We realize that true peace in this world can only come through real and meaningful relationships and shared experiences. All of our programs are designed to build these critical life-long relationships. As mutual friends of democracy and freedom, Israel and the U.S. share many values and many dreams. One of these dreams reaches high above the earth as each of us seeks to learn new and better ways to use and share the SPACE above us all. 

What better Hanukkah or Christmas gift is there for an aspiring STEM (science-technology-engineering-math) student than a week of exciting up- close, - yet out of this world- astronaut and space experiences.  Gifts like this do not come wrapped up in boxes. They come as life-long memories and  unparalleled  opportunity. These 21 students will train to live and work on Mars in two programs: Astronaut Training Experience® and Mars Base 1. There are also educator-led guided tours of Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and the Apollo/Saturn V Center, as well as a private briefing with a real veteran NASA astronaut. Tuition includes lunches, afternoon snacks, a Camp KSC® T-shirts, a personalized name badge, a lanyard and a certificate of completion. On top of all that, these students will benefit from the unique opportunity to study with students of a different culture, learning mutual respect and appreciation for each other. 

Applications are due by October 18,  2019

How Do I Sponsor a Student?

The cost of sponsorship for one student is $695.  Simply click below  and make your  *tax-deductible donation. 

*The Sister City Program is a federally recognized 501 (c) 3 organization. Your donation is tax-deductible according to federal tax law.

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